Sunday, 29 July 2012

Behind The Scenes

Clients often ask me, ' what do you do when you are not taking photographs for a living? Well, I tell them, I take photographs for pleasure! Photography is a very practical discipline and not something you become good at by leaving your camera gathering dust in its bag! I nearly always have a camera with me no matter what I am doing or where I am going. I like to record things that interest me and keep a photographic record of my family life. How many times have you often heard someone say, 'oh I wish I had a camera with me to photograph that'! Although smart phones have now changed that to some extent, at present they are still very limited in their technical ability. I recently shot some record and PR images for my local variety group of their version of  'Oliver' based on the classic Oliver Twist movie. I shot most of it in black and white to add to that grungy feel that most of us associate with the movie. Here are some of the images from the shoot.

Rain, Rain & More Rain!

Ask any wedding photographer how his year has been so far with regards to the weather and I am sure you will get a few choice words or worse!  For a country that has a reputation for 'soft days' it has, without doubt, been one of the worse wedding seasons I have had in many years. It has played havoc with so many recent weddings I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to see the sun again for any wedding shoot. Well all my wishful thinking came through on Friday last for a lovely local wedding here in the Sunny South East which lived up to its reputation for once this summer.
A lovely couple and stunning weather allowed me the opportunity to get some great photos along the Quay side in Wexford town. These images represent what I consider to be some of the most important elements for good wedding photography: a bride & groom who are having fun and enjoying themselves, reasonable (in this case great) weather and a simple setting. Magic

Monday, 16 July 2012

Candy Floss & Hotdogs

Candy floss, hotdogs, popcorn and jellybeans. No its not a night out at the cinema (I dont get many of those!) but some lovely delights for the guests at a marvellous wedding I photographed on Saturday in the lovely South East. And yes we had a few sprinkles of sunshine but the rain stayed away for a wedding day that also involved ferries, beaches, pubs, and an artist. Who says you cannot have some fun on your wedding day! I will post some more images later in the month - keep tuned.

Summer Colours

Yes, I know the summer is supposed to be well and truly here but all you have to do is step outside and mother nature seems to be trying to tell us its all a dream and its still February. Well I know its not February because I had better weather in February for most of my wedding shoots! I am a little behind with my posts which is not unusual at this busy time of year so I am going to brighten up your day (rain or no rain) by posting some images of recent weddings and the lovely colours associated with them. I hope to post more images from these weddings over the rest of the 'summer' months.

Military Weddings

There is something special and attractive about a military wedding. I suppose the appeal for most people lies in the fact that they are not an everyday occurance especially when the Groom decides to get married in his uniform and involve members of his military unit in his wedding day.  Here is a small teaser from a recent military related wedding. Keep your eyes peeled for more coverage of this lovely day which I hope to post in the coming weeks.