Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Civil Ceremonys

Civil wedding ceremonies are becoming very popular and I have photographed many of them over the past few years. I am often asked by couples if I can show them some photographs from some of these weddings. I can understand why this is a frequent request: the fact that the ceremony is different from a Church ceremony and in a different location is something that may worry the couple when it comes to having their photographs taken. They often wonder how it will look and how their photographs will turn out in different surroundings. While it is impossible to show couples samples of every wedding I cover, I would like to show one example here of a civil ceremony I covered last year. This particular lovely Civil Ceremony took place in the Belling suite at Killashee House Hotel in Naas. The bride and groom on the day were from different parts of the world as were many of the guests that provided a cosmopolitan air to the day. Luis was from Spain and Nivash was from South Africa and they retired to the Original House for their Reception. I hope the following photographs which show a two page spread in a Wedding Book will give you a flavour of just what can be achieved on a wedding day irrespective of the type of ceremony involved.